One of the most important aspects of social media success is consistency.

You need to be active (obviously), and you have to keep on putting out content for your readers and audience. Plus if you aren't constantly putting out new content, and people don't know what to expect, then how will you get new readers/followers?

So, I decided to share with you guys the way I maintain my calendar. I think one of the most important things to realize right away is that you will not probably remember to post on every platform every day. Plus it's a hassle to think of an idea every day for a post. This is where the scheduling comes in handy as well. 

Be organized, and ultimately plan ahead. Every weekend, I fill out a weekly calendar so I can stay on top of my social media for the following week.  There's a button at the end of this post for you to download the exact one I use (for free!). 

If you don't use the one I made, then you can definitely make your own as well. For me personally, it helps having an actual physical paper outlining my ideas. The way it is organized, is that I havea grid with  each day of the week by each social media platform I use. In the corner of each box, there is an area to put around what time I want to post or what day of the month it is, and then the rest of the space I use for the idea. So whether it's that Buzzfeed video I love and want to share on facebook, or the picture of my latte from last week for Instagram, I write it down. 

Then, I schedule the ones I can (Instagram does not apply). As far as Instagram goes, I consult the schedule every day to know which picture I want to post!

It's really simple, and I hope you will start using my calendar! 

If you do, let me know how it goes! Send me a pic of your decked out schedule!

What is your favorite way to plan out your social media posts?