How to write and keep a social media editorial calendar + free download!


One of the most important aspects of social media success is consistency.

You need to be active (obviously), and you have to keep on putting out content for your readers and audience. Plus if you aren't constantly putting out new content, and people don't know what to expect, then how will you get new readers/followers?

So, I decided to share with you guys the way I maintain my calendar. I think one of the most important things to realize right away is that you will not probably remember to post on every platform every day. Plus it's a hassle to think of an idea every day for a post. This is where the scheduling comes in handy as well. 

Be organized, and ultimately plan ahead. Every weekend, I fill out a weekly calendar so I can stay on top of my social media for the following week.  There's a button at the end of this post for you to download the exact one I use (for free!). 

If you don't use the one I made, then you can definitely make your own as well. For me personally, it helps having an actual physical paper outlining my ideas. The way it is organized, is that I havea grid with  each day of the week by each social media platform I use. In the corner of each box, there is an area to put around what time I want to post or what day of the month it is, and then the rest of the space I use for the idea. So whether it's that Buzzfeed video I love and want to share on facebook, or the picture of my latte from last week for Instagram, I write it down. 

Then, I schedule the ones I can (Instagram does not apply). As far as Instagram goes, I consult the schedule every day to know which picture I want to post!

It's really simple, and I hope you will start using my calendar! 

If you do, let me know how it goes! Send me a pic of your decked out schedule!

What is your favorite way to plan out your social media posts?



The best social media scheduling apps and websites

Out of the hundreds of apps to help you grow your social media following, I have rounded up the best and most user-friendly scheduling applications out there!

For Facebook:

Facebook! What a lot of people don't know, is that Facebook has a built in scheduling software. You can't beat going straight to the source! It's so simple, and easy. Once you are on your page and writing a post, click on the little down arrow next to "Publish" and click Schedule! It will give you the option to pick the exact time, date, etc of your post. 


For Twitter

Twuffer Now, I know Hootsuite has such a huge following, and yes it is great. However, a lot of the time I think that it's way overcomplicated. They offer so much, but if you're looking to sit down and just knock out some tweets, use Twuffer. You literally sign in, and just write a tweet, pick the day, and you're done. Straight onto the next one. It goes so fast, and is really great if you're low on time. However, the only downside I have found is that you can't really add in images. You can put the link to the image and twitter usually automatically pulls the thumbnail image but its not 100% guaranteed. 


For Instagram

Wait what?! You can schedule instagram pictures!? Yep! You sure can, however there is a catch. If you use the app Latergramme you can schedule your instagram posts in advance. This means put in the edited picture, caption, hashtags, the works. But, you set the time and day, and at that time the app notifies you to "swipe" their notification and it automatically uploads your content to instagram but you have to hit publish. Instagram does not allow third party sources to post on your behalf, but if you have a set sequence and want to be notified and reminded to post a picture at a designated time, this is a great solution. 


Now, there are apps to help you schedule on Pinterest and Tumblr, but do we really need those? Maybe. If you are a blogger it could be helpful to have your content scheduled to go up every once in a while, but I find that Pins do better when you are posting in the moment. 

Do you have any favorite social scheduling apps? Do you even like to schedule?! Let me know in the comments below!





How to maximize your instagram engagement with VSCO Cam

If you are a blogger, business owner, etc. you know that instagram is extremely effective in connecting with your target audience.

But! That being said, I can't tell you how many times I have had clients tell me that they don't see any point of continuing on instagram since they get little to no engagement. If you aren't seeing results, then chances are you are not doing everything you can to optimize your instagram account. 

There are so so so many things you can do to help grow a dedicated following, but the first step in the process  is putting out the right content. People forget that it's one thing to have a large number of followers and another to get engagement on your pictures (which is really important!). What's having thousands of followers if you can barely muster up a hundred likes? 

People want to see beautiful images when they are on instagram. They want to see a representation of your brand, behind-the scenes shots, etc. You need to make sure that the picture quality you put out is what really represents you

This is where VSCO Cam comes in. VSCO is probably the most popular picture editing app out there, and for good reason! The transformation potential of a photo in VSCO is really amazing. It can take a bland, dark image to something beautiful and attracting. 

By using VSCO you gain a few perks:

1. Images that are clean, edited, and professional- all with the convenience of using your phone! Plus VSCO Cam offers so many beautiful filters to choose from that will enhance your photos. 

2. You get to be a part of the VSCO community- the VSCO hashtag alone gets you put in front of an audience that appreciates artsy, clean images. This hashtag gives you 10x the engagement of any other generic tag

3. It it the best way to determine a sequence- If you are running a business account, it's important to have an idea of what pictures you are posting when. In VSCO Cam you can lay out your photos to resemble your instagram feed and see which pictures work better where, and you can see if your feed flows the way you want it to. 

4. It has it's own social media platform built in- Once you have an account you automatically get a VSCO grid, where you can share all your photos, even the ones you decide not to post on instagram. This gives you the platform to see all of your images, and gain new followers who discover you through there.




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