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Not all projects listed due to client privacy agreements.


We were hired to be the Project and Marketing Management for the brand "Hazel Says", originating from the popular children's book... Everybody Loves Hazel.

We have created and managed social media accounts, created a media kit, reached out to potential collaborators, written blog posts, and assisted in other creative endeavors for the brand.



This was a website makeover for a medical debt collection agency, KP Recovery Solutions. We wanted to break away from the boring, static nature of this industry's websites, and create something creative and visually appealing. We are also running Facebook to generate leads.



Admit U Consulting hired us to revamp their website. We cleaned up the design, updated their information, and now we run their Facebook and Instagram profiles. With a basic posting schedule, we feature different colleges, and Admit U services to help gain exposure to the company.




Dan wanted a simple, clean design for his real-estate business. We created his website from scratch including a built-in blog for him to showcase his videos.




Just like the site you are currently on, my blog Undeniably Anna, was designed by me as well. The designs were made to be  very cohesive, clean, and user-friendly. They represent my personal design aesthetic that keeps developing as my experiences grow.




Website re-design for a local mirror and glass design/installation company.  We took a bland and boring template and turned it into a fluid, responsive site.  Now, the clean, simple lines reflect our mental images that we all associate glass with.






We took Sarah's basic and outdated Blogger design, and made it a beautiful representation of her personal style that lives up to her blog name. With a gold and pink stripe combination bordering the top of the blog, a custom header with a slideshow, a sidebar image navigation, and more.





Starting from a prepaid Vistaprint template, we threw everything out and started from scratch. Showcasing this beautiful home staging and interior decorating was a breeze with a simple, clean, and very visual design. 


Meet Anna! (@nna)


Undeniably Social is a social media management solutions company started by Anna Tselevich, a student in suburban New Jersey.

Anna started her career as an entrepreneur when she was 11 years old, after launching her company Box-O-Mania. She has since outgrown the company, and has taken on new ventures such as starting her own blog, online magazine, taking on a leadership role in the Smart Girls Group, and is now also working on starting a non-profit.

Undeniably Social was started as Anna's full-time job, and with it she hopes to help people reach their goals of outreach for personal and corporate branding. She caters to the needs especially of realtors and small business owners, but takes on any job opportunity she can.

Anna hopes to study marketing and PR in college, simultaneously growing her Undeniable brand.


Check out Anna's other projects:


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interior photography.


  • INFO



dynamic drone photography.

home video productions.


  • Matterport 3D + 2D Floorplan
  • Photography
    • Interiors/Exteriors
    • Twilight
    • Aerial
  • Videography
  • Property Websites
  • Email Campaign
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Brochures
  • Postcard Mailer


3d matterport models.

2d floor plans.